Willard Rafnsson

Assistant Professor
IT University of Copenhagen

Research Interests

My research focuses on proving that software preserves the confidentiality of data. I am building tools for this task, that scale to real programming languages and platforms.


I am an Assistant Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). I am a member of the Center for Information Security and Trust (CISAT) , as well as the Programming, Logic and Semantics (PLS) and Software Quality Research (SQUARE) groups.

I was a Postdoc at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), hosted by Deepak Garg, and at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) CyLab, hosted by Limin Jia and Lujo Bauer. I did my PhD at Chalmers in the security lab, supervised by Andrei Sabelfeld.


My publications, in reverse-chronological order:



My appearances in public media:

I create course material for SikkerCyber, a free online learning course on cybersecurity, aimed at employees in small- and medium-sized enterprises. (funded by Industriens Fond).


I teach Applied Information Security in autumn and summer, the Information Flow module in Advanced Security in autumn, and the SPARK module in Program Verification in spring. Demos: 1, 2.

Previously, I have created courses on Information Theory and on Functional Programming, been course manager of an Algorithms course, and been TA in Cryptography, Concurrent Programming, Testing & Verification, Computability & Complexity, Formal Languages & Automata, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Organization, and Object-Oriented Programming.


I supervise student research- and thesis-projects.

I only supervise projects which I am highly enthusiastic about, and which will likely lead to a research paper. Are you a student interested in writing a project with me? Make sure my research agenda overlaps with your interest, then set up a meet.